How can Lenovo launch their 7th Gen Yoga Slim Laptop?

Generate interest from a younger creative audience.

GenZ and young millennials have lots of passions and are always looking for new ways to combine the things they love.
They are more than just one thing and with it, The Yoga Lenovo Slim gives you the power to be your unique self, to “Just Be You”.


To demonstrate the creative versatility and our “Just Be You” campaign theme,
we challenged some of the internets hottest creators to team up
and mix their many passions using the Lenovo Yoga Slim.
We called them the MIX MASTERS, and they joined us for a live event to reveal their creative projects.


This wasn't another boring tech event listing off new laptop features.
We put on a show which was livestreamed to all of Lenovo's social channels.
The entertaining event took place in a packed Lume Studios which immersed our audience in wall-to-wall projection mapping.
Hannah Stocking brought the energy as host, there were musical performances, creative reveals and discussions on creativity and collaboration.


Of course the MIXMASTERS shared their projects on their socials as well as on the Lenovo socials.
Hitting over 113M impressions and over 2.2M social engagements, the content of the MIXMASTERS was a huge success.
The hashtag challenge #LenovoJustBeYou generated billions of views and inspired TikTokers to use their own creativity as well.


What happens when a VFX artist and dancer put their heads together?

VFX wizard @dannero is teaming up with @kelladactyl, the creator whose dance moves put a smile on your face. Together, they'll blur the line between performance art and mind-bending visuals.

What do you get when an animator teams up with the queen of roller skating?

@tootymcnooty is one of the most popular animators on TikTok, her playful and inventive style shows how fun and versatile animation can be. Her Mix Master teammate is @anaocto, whose blissful roller skating videos have become so popular that she’s being credited with sparking a resurgence in the nostalgic activity.

See how they used the AMD powered Lenovo Slim to combine the imaginative and playful animation style with a dreamy roller skating performance.

Our art is an expression of ourselves, but what does that look like in someone else's hands?

Uplifting pop singer Lady Bri teamed up with producer and remix master @kurtschneider to remix her 'Do What I Do' song. We invited VFX guru @marblemaniki to add the visuals and, together, the trio created a visual and audio ultra-funk masterpiece.

Copywriter Intern: Rebecca Edelstein

Art Director: Hyeona Kim

CD: Elliot Stewart-Franzen

Creative Producer: Brooke Carter

Managing Director: Susan Vugts

ECD/ Founder: Rogier Vijverbergs

SuperHeroes NYC