Students would rather do anything but read their required books.

With the launch of Spotify Audiobooks, Spotify is redefining what it means to be a bad student.

Just like the protagonists in famous literature, Spotify lets students do things differently by providing a new way of studying.

Students can now do the work, without the actual work, with Spotify’s chapter-by-chapter audiobook playlists.

We created a microsite to be the new study hub.

Each thumbnail is a deep dive into an assigned book where the protagonist goes against the norm.

We translated each book into the language of Gen Z, filling the pages with resources they actually use.

We created an entirely new Instagram profile for Spotify Audiobooks, using the grid to champion new stories.

Each post is dedicated to key elements in the novel to connect with the reader and show what our heroes did differently.

To get our audience’s attention, we placed our ads where students procrastinate the most.

Rebecca Edelstein, Copywriter

Emily Herringdine, Art Director

Jessica Rasiel, Art Director